General: Born in 1986, female, therianthrope/otherkin, visual artist, writer and poet (none professionally)

Therianthropy: There's not much reason in me mentioning much about my therianthropy in this part, considering the content of this site. But in brief, I am a therianthrope with four theriotypes--cat, horse, mongoose, and a winged theropod dinosaur, as also a vampire 'kintype (five 'kintypes total). When I say "Cat" or "Horse" (in the style of capitalizing them), I do not mean they are separate entities, although they are somewhat 'separate' within me, but are still all integral parts of me, yet I simply use those words as being synonymous with "my cat aspect" or "my horse aspect", and therefore my thoughts when writing can be more flowing and convenient for me. However, I only used that style of mentioning my theriotypes in my older writings; anymore, I don't use the capitalization style.

My therianthropy has a prior significance to the title which I previously used for this site, "Sanctuary of the Catatonic Soul", and this site simply being known as "The Sanctuary", in which there is an essay about that specific subject in the Therianthropy Essays section. I am not interested in trying to squeeze myself into more specific types of therianthropy beyond just being a polytherian and a therianthrope, in general, and though I experience mental and phantom shifts, many of my shifts and fluctuations I experience each day of my theriotypes are not defined in the community, or they are terms that aren't widely used enough anyway, and I choose to just not define those shifts by certain terms.

Therian & Otherkin Communities: I entered both those communities (with more presence in the therian one) in early 2005, mainly starting out on the Awereness Forums and spread out to other places to eventually spend my primary activity on the Werelist (where of which I had been a member of helpstaff there starting in early 2008). This site was born in '06 and moved to its own domain at later on. The domain expanded for awhile to include Project Shift, Werelibrary, and Radiant Obscurities (which I am the primary maintainer and founder, though the project is on hold). I'm also fairly active at times on Tumblr in relation to therianthropy, otherkin, and fictionkin subjects, along with numerous other topics.

Spirituality: Although I have not spoken much about my spirituality on this site or elsewhere much for years, I have been making notable progress in developing my spiritual beliefs, practices, and an overall foundation and structure of my spirituality. Therefore I have taken to creating more writings on the subject (which many will be found in the Essays section, but some in Misc. Writings). In general terms, I feel I still fall under the category of eclectic Pagan, yet it's too generic of a phrase for me to use much anymore. To be more specific, though, I am an agnostic, non-religious polytheist and neo-totemist, and some level of animist as well. Most of my current explorations in writing about my spiritual life and self are related to my totemism, but I plan to explain a wider variety of spiritual subjects of relevance and interest to me as time goes on.

Artist and Writer: I used to create more visual art than I do now, but I have been in a state of "artist's block", so to speak, for many years and thusly I've only created a few finished pieces during that time. However, I do sometimes get back into a more active visual-art mode. For now and the past few years, I have filled my 'artistic times' with poetry, or writing essays, journal entries, or other personal writings, which certainly aren't as creative as my visual art, but they suffice in filling the void for the most part. Also, I am obviously a long-winded writer, and I tend to be detailed in my writing, be it essays, comments, journal entries, and so forth, but I can only hope that it doesn't detract people away from reading my writings on here; they are often long, but with purpose for such. I had previously refrained from posting a link to my art gallery, but I'm more comfortable now with linking to it: my DeviantArt gallery is