~"Essay on 'The Sanctuary'" (July 2006) -- explains what "the Sanctuary" is and means to me, as also the meaning behind the "catatonic soul"

~Awereness Forums Re-introduction (2006) -- a thorough update to my first (2005) introduction; includes in depth and more generalized aspects of my therianthropy; parts of it are outdated (mainly the canid parts)

~Awereness Forums (original) Introduction (2005) -- my introduction on's board; designed to answer the typical intro questions on that board in a more detailed way; some of the information I've found to be obsolete

~"Midnight Sand" (Horse essay) (August 2006) -- detailed, comprehensive description of what it is like for me to be a horse therian

~"Predator or Prey?" (October 2006) -- an essay of my musings on the concept of predator and prey theriotypes, as well as a description of my experiences as a feline-type that is both predator and prey.

~"Waters of Obscurity: My Therianthropic Self-Concept" (August 2007) -- a thorough and broad exploration of my self-concept as both human and non-human animal, and how that relates to various other things, creatures, and interests in my life

~"Upbringing, Imprintation, and Self-Development" (December 2007) -- describes how various aspects of my childhood and self-development affected my therianthropy and my particular theriotypes

~"Fluidity and Fragmentation" (March 2008) -- one section is about the fluid way I experience my therianthropy and how that relates to shifting and integration concepts; the other section is about fragmenting of my theriotypes

~"Domestic and Wild" (April 2008) -- explores the concepts of domestic, feral, and wild in relation to my therianthropy and my specific theriotypes, including how those concepts affect or connect with my human life through therianthropy

~"Skin Deep: On Being Animal and Human" (Novemeber 2008) -- explains the personal importance to me in being both animal in part and human, and how neither holds notably more significance than the other, with particular emphasis on my body

~"Designing a Theriotype" (August 2009) -- this is a continuation writing on my 4th, avian-like, theriotype and provides description of how I went about narrowing its identity down to a seemingly yet-undiscovered kind of winged theropod; also works as a good example for one method of figuring out specifics of oneself as an extinct theriotype

~"On Wings of a Living Past" (August 2009) -- describes various details of what it is like for me to be, therianthropically, a winged theropod (of the type I call an "erdenvogel"), with particular emphasis on understanding and phantom sensations of that theropod's body



~"Reflections: Personal Guidance from Mongoose" (December 2008) -- explains some of the lessons I have learned or am in the process of learning from Mongoose as a guide, with emphasis on "finding my personal niche" and social matters

~"The Watch-Guardian: Mongoose Energy and Symbolism" (Novemer 2008) -- an extensive description on the aspects and symbolism I feel are associated with Mongoose as a totemic guide. It is divided into numerous sections and two parts: Part I & Part II

~"Oryx and the Desert" (May 2008) -- detailed explanation of the importance and meaning of Oryx as a guide to me and also what the concept of the Desert spiritually signifies for me

~"Guiding Black Wings: Essay on Crow" (February 2006)-- describes my long relationship with and connection to my life totem, Crow, and some pulls that has on my knowledge of my therianthropy