These are various sites I have found useful, interesting, or think they are worth others viewing who have an interest in therianthropy or believe they are a therian.

Therian and Totemic personal and resource sites and boards:

Communities, Forums, and Other Resource-based Sites:

  • Project Shift -- a good therianthropy information resource site that is a long-term project as more information and writings are added to it by contributors (is co-maintained by Aethyriek and myself); the project's development site is: here.
  • Werelist -- neutral-ground board and resource for a variety of therianthropic and non-therianthropic discussions and topics.
  • Therian Wilderness -- board focused mainly on therians and other animal-like otherkin with an emphasis on spiritual related topics.
  • Animal Quills -- a DreamWidth community devoted to therianthropy writings by a variety of therians. A wonderful source of personal, deep, or otherwise less than typical therian writings.
  • Animal Scribes -- a LiveJournal community similar to Animal Quills for therianthropy and other animality writings to be shared.
  • Werelibrary -- large collection of therianthropy essays from many individuals; subjects of writings vary greatly, including newbie guides, term-related essays, personal therianthropy, among other topics .
  • Birds of a Feather -- a Feral Scribes resource for, about, and by bird therians with related personal writings, lore and myth, links to avian-related information, and more.
  • Beyond Awakening -- site with numerous contributors of writing on various topics related to otherkin and therianthropy.

Personal Writings Sites:

  • Thébaïde -- a good collection of personal therianthropy writings by Akhila, a clouded leopard and raven person.
  • Between Forest & Sea-- a primarily indexing site for the otherkin, therian, and other writings of the House of Chimeras multiple system; contains a fascinating variety of subjects and writings.
  • Lupine Instincts -- personal site of therianthropy writings by Elinox, a grey wolf therian.
  • WildSpeak -- Ravenari's site that's focuses on totemism (including a growing 'totem dictionary' section) and some shamanism writings.

Other Sites: