Rediscovering the Dreamer



~May 21, 2023: added “Blutpir: Vampire Species Concept” and “Paranthrogender

~July 30, 2022: added “Fragments“, “My Neurodivergences & Atypical Psychology“, and an addendum to the bottom of “Where Gender & Animality Meet

~September 5, 2021: added “Celesvogel” on my angel ‘kintype to Other Essays, “Vogel” poem, mongoose therianthropy essay, & also 5 writings under Misc. Other Writings, & added Radiant Obscurities, Nonhuman National Park, 3 Dragons & a Dog, & Spirit of the Wind to the Links page

~April 18, 2021: Three new writings — essay “Being Blutpir“, and misc. writings “Behind a Vampiric Grin” & “Emerging from the Desert

~February 4, 2021: Been almost 3 years since updating here. Haven’t really had much to add due to lack of activity in my writing but now have some new stuff here. First off, I’ve redone the whole site on WordPress for better mobile functionality, ease in updating, and useful features like tags and categories for organizing and searching better. Even have changing (per load of a page) header images from screenshots I’ve taken in-game on ARK: Survival Evolved.

Second is a couple of writings: “Where Gender & Animality Meet” and “On Being Monster-Hearted“.

~May 5, 2018: Can we say majorly overdue update?? It’s been over 6 years but I’ve finally added new content (new poem, a ‘other misc‘ writing, & 3 new “other” essays). Also fixed links to update old links, removed dead ones, & added my Tumblr blogs on there. A section on my past/present in the therian & otherkin communities has been added to my About Me page.

Site Info:

This is a website devoted to my personal writings, mainly focusing on my therianthropic writings and essays, but also includes spiritual writings, poetry, and other contents of which I prefer to be up here for public view. The therianthropic writings on here are not “newbie guides” or other such basic writings, but are instead more personal and offer up an individual’s view on therianthropy in general and her own therianthropy, whether different or similar to those of others, including the “norm”, within and outside of the therianthropy community. I hope that by making these pieces public, that they can offer help to some therians who may find inspiration or help in their therianthropy through my personal insights, and that therianthropic and other contents on here may just also be found as interesting for those who prefer to read subjects not so ‘superficial’ as those seen on boards.

My writings are not to be seen as any end-all to therianthropy and how an individual can and does experience their own. And though my pieces may be helpful to some, I understand they may be of no interest or disagreement, for whatever reason, by others. For those who wish to contact me, that information is in the Contact section, and please read the notes there about contacting me. Also have some links there for other places I use/am active on.

There are a variety of therianthropic sites listed in the Links section, and I welcome you to visit those other pages.

The Essays section is devoted to more “formal”-style writings pertaining to particular subjects (personal therianthropy and spirituality), and because of that style it takes me longer to produce them, therefore it will be a more slowly growing section, as also the pieces tend to be longer as essays (though I hope that doesn’t deter people from reading them).

Misc. Writings is a section for other, non-essay style pieces, which includes poetry and past journal entries of spiritual and therianthropic subjects. Many of my thoughts on therianthropy and spirituality end up on my journal entries, and are written more impulsively (as well as shorter sometimes, when compared with the essays), as also not being as formalized. Yet, they can still be rather insightful and in depth. Few of those such entries will be posted on here, but I’ll choose the best, more relevant ones.

Readers are also encouraged to check out the Guest Writings section with writings by other authors.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find some use, help, or insight through my pieces here.

Important note: All of the material and designs on this website, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted to me, Sonne Spiritwind, and are not to be reproduced, distributed, or posted elsewhere without my expressed permission. However, you are welcome to link to this site.