“Feral Fire”

Calm is interrupted as a threat is sensed before me,
Yet equine thoughts of flight do not surface this time;
I am not prey, I am not a victim to run away from this.
Felinity thrives prominently, edging toward defense;
Knowing that I will not strike, but the instincts remain and build.
Paws become anxious as they twitch and pace,
Pushing and pulling claws in and out rhythmically,
Waiting for the threat to appear.
Tail thrashes in annoyed expression;
Ears swivel and perk as they track the presence.

Blazing eyes of embers make contact with the intruder,
As eyelids widen and pupils focus on the invading target.
Striking forward, pointed ears listen carefully,
And as my senses gather more information of this approaching threat
My expression and body changes distinctly.
Muscles tense in legs, back, and tail,
Causing paws to sink mildly into the softened soil below;
Claws exposed and ready to strike.
Hackles bristle with a rush of adrenalin and warm blood through vessels.
Ears sling back against head and neck.
Mouth stretches in a wide, vicious grin of bared teeth;
Saliva sliding down ivory fangs,
While growls, snarls, and hisses emanate from lungs and throat,
A warning to any who approach—“stay back!

Ready to pounce, ready to fight and attack that which threatens me
—Instinct wishes to act not to withhold.
But instinct will not complete its desire this time;
The threat ceases or proves unattackable.
I neither have to flee my territory nor fight to protect it and myself;
Not today, not tonight.
Yet I remain strong and vigilant
To any future threats that shall cross my path.
Feline and human; instinct, will, and ferocity—all intertwined.
For now I will not stand here as a victim,
I will not succumb to those who bring harm upon me.
Though I am often docile, ferality thrives within me,
And may it protect me and aid in my strength
To defend myself and what is important to me.
A fierce soul resides inside these amber eyes.

~Sonne 11/4/07