“Serenade of Serenity”

Upon the luscious air arose a faint whisper;
A delicate voice that danced within the wind.
An essence of life lie buried inside
The echoing depths dispersed from the Earth’s lungs;
The lungs of an angel—a goddess
Of beauty, strength, and serenity.

Her gentle whispers of foreign chants
Swam through the air as lyrical melodies
Riding upon the backs of dolphins
To lay upon the grass,
Be embraced by the soil,
And cradle the hearts of the wild.
An enchanting berceuse of divine serenity
To thus bring forth hope, life, and exultation
Throughout the marred paradise
That lay before her feet.

Reflected within the depths of her eyes
Was a vast, barren land of the Earth’s parched flesh,
Intertwined with the false blessings
Of Bane and Melancholy
That smiled harshly upon the land.
The heavens above stood as a hindrance
Of the blessed Sun’s warmth and vitality;
Leaving thus a shadowed world within frosted glass.
Skeletons lay strode about in numbers beyond the horizons
With not a wave of sound to swirl flawlessly through the air.

Devastation filled her soul with sympathy and love.
As she sat, kneeled upon the dry soil
She placed her fragile, delicate hands together—
Symmetrical and pointing to the heavens above.
From her chest she raised her arms—hands still in praise,
And parted her lips of deep wine
To expel from her lungs
Her enchanting lullaby of a child’s fondest dreams—
The melody of Nightwind’s love and grace;
A paean to heal and revive
This Garden of Hope and Shangri-la.

Her soothing breath echoed into the bones of the forgotten
And settled into their hollows,
From whence it sprung forth an air of life
To spiral its way through the decayed,
And resurrect the creatures
Known as Nature’s Children.
They arose from their rests and breathed the sweetness of life.
Hearts began to beat again and performed a brilliant percussion
To accompany the serene melody that played amongst their ears.
Thus a rhythm was created and the calls of the creatures
Performed a collaboration of unique beauty of forgotten lore.
A spectrum of music unfolded in front of her
And its waves delved into the mountains and trees
Bringing forth their vibrancy and vigor.

Suddenly, her legs unfolded and stretched toward the sky.
As she stood with her arms freely at her sides
A single foot lifted then gently fell to rest upon the ground
Followed thus by the other in a cycle
Entwined with the beautiful rhythm.
She began to sway and swing her arms
As if the melody conducted their movements on invisible strings.
Her ebony, satin hair flowed long and vivaciously
Through the currents of the air,
As if black seas were draped from her scalp.
Beads, bells, and shimmering chains danced and jingled
With her movements and the music,
While glorious fabrics of chiffon and silk
Streaked the air with vivid spectrums of hue.
Her sienna skin appeared as the ground in which she danced,
And when the beads of liquid glass formed upon her
The ground was blessed and healed with their moisture.

Each graceful step she placed
Spawned new life of flora from beneath it
Until the luscious green began to spread
Swiftly and vastly on its own
To create a mystical infinite field of pure, simplistic beauty.
With her eyes closed she began to cast out a tear
From beneath her lids.
It gently rolled down her flesh
Quickly followed by its siblings—
Tears of mirth that cracked the dams of the sky;
Cascading the most wondrous of waterfalls
Upon the livened earth below.
As the vermilion seas swiftly rushed through her veins
The dried riverbeds, lakes, and ponds
Filled and flowed with the glistening molten crystal from the skies.
All had finally been restored to this magnificent land
Except the light and its ethereal brilliance,
Until this mesmerizing goddess of the Earth
Opened her majestic eyes once more
To gaze upon the paradise that she had formed around her.
Within an instant the Sun seared through the cotton clouds
And smiled a comforting warmth to all of the Earth’s children
And their serene dreams in which they lived.
Now, a smile adorned her precious, youthful face,
As she acknowledged the true miracle that was performed that day.
A miracle of love, hope, and strength
From deep within a single soul,
Blessed by the caring hands
Of Existence’s most wonderful gift…

~ Sonne 7/29/04