“Slumber’s Peace”

My soul suffocates by its own body’s breath.
But may the Flutes mend my lungs
And breathe the precious air of serene life into my soul,
So that I may continue to thrive,
And thus, fulfill my longing destiny
That I have finally chosen for myself.

May the beating of my heart’s drums
Relax to form a soothing melody
Of a wondrous lullaby
To let me drift forth into the foreign,
Yet so familiar, and revitalizing sleep.
Let my body rest, and my soul be soothed each night,
For none are trivial,
And each is as precious as the last.
For I shall never know
When my final slumber will arise.

Peace within my realm of sleep each night and day
Is all I ask for now.
Because if I can be granted a brief solace each day
Then I will have greater strength, courage, and serenity
Within my conscious self and body
As I move ever-forward through this mysterious essence…
Known only as Life.

Please, cradle me, Majestic Crow,
In your silken wings of ebony satin.
Carry me upon your powerful back
Across the dancing plains of night, Great Horse.
Sing your chillingly beautiful lullaby
Of the winter’s wind into my ears, Mysterious Wolf.
And, my Sacred Cat, curl your soft, fur-laden body of the sun’s warmth
Around me in comfort as I am finally lulled
Into a serene sleep,
This and all nights to come.

~ Sonne 12/31/04