From “para-” meaning beyond or near, & “anthro” meaning human.

A gender type involving an experience of one’s gender being near and yet beyond being human–notably humanoid, but not actually human. It can, but does not necessarily overlap with xenogender. It can also exist somewhere between xenogender & non-xenogender (anthrogender). The term “human” in this case is relative & can mean specifically just Homo sapiens or even include all hominids. The main thing is that it is humanoid in a way that is rather close to, but not the same, as being human.

This gender can be binary or non-binary, therefore allowing for male, female, androgynous, feminine, masculine, etc. to be part of this gender, just with them being in a nonhuman humanoid framework. It appears to not be a kind of cisgender since the individual’s gender is different from what they were assigned at birth.

“Paranthrocity” & “paranthrocic” can be used to describe the quality associated with this gender. (Ex: “I’m feeling very paranthrocic today.” or “My paranthrocity is an important part of me.”)

I have mainly coined this term for myself because of my difficulty finding a gender term that fits me, but others are welcome to use it for themselves if they feel the definition fits them.

Flag: the purple X represents the association of paranthrogender to xenogender. The blue gradient denotes liminality (between anthrogender & xenogender), similar to shades of grey.

(Side note: I initially wasn’t going to make a flag for lack of personal reason, but I figured I’d go ahead & make one that I like.)