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“Mongoose: Sentry & Subtlety” (5/1/2021)

“Mongoose: Sentry and Subtlety” (5/1/2021) Outside of my writings regarding figuring out my mongoose theriotype as such, I haven’t really written much about it; for whatever reason, the words just never really came to me to make another writing about being mongoose.  As with my other therio-/’kintypes, I haven’t felt

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“Where Gender & Animality Meet” (5/29/2018 & 2/3/2021)

“Where Gender & Animality Meet” (5/29/2018 & 2/3/2021) I periodically get times of trying to figure out what to call my gender and how to explain it well.  Of the established terms, demifemale maybe the closest one I’ve found.  Recently I came across the term “xenogender” and noticed it can

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“Alternatives: Pathfinding” (April 20, 2015)

“Alternatives: Pathfinding” (April 20, 2015) Animality, or more accurately, human-animality, is such an essential part of who I am: my very life, self, mind, and soul are painted with it and have been that way ever since at least my early childhood. It’s not just therianthropy or being otherkin. It’s

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“Beneath the Surface” (September 2013)

“Beneath the Surface” (September 2013) There’s something within my mind, my soul, my Self, that’s been there for a long time, though I’m unsure how far/early into my childhood its existence reaches.  Back then, it was probably much less developed, maybe just a spark or small flame of vicious wildness

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“Monsters, Vampires, and Personal Animality” (March 2012)

“Monsters, Vampires, and Personal Animality” (March 2012) To set up some initial context of what I mean by “monster” in this writing, I’ll quote the beginning of the Wikipedia article on “Monster” because I feel it sums it up well enough. From Wikipedia “Monster” article:A monster is any fictional creature,

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“Riding Dragonflies & Butterflies: Taming Muses” (5/18/2011)

“Riding Dragonflies & Butterflies: Taming Muses” (5/18/2011) I suppose that right in line with the intended subject of this essay, some muse-related part of my mind feels the need to give me all these great, fairly coherent thoughts to write about, even a drawing to go with them that I

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Reflections: Personal Guidance from Mongoose (12/18/2008)

Reflections: Personal Guidance from Mongoose (12/18/2008) Discovering and Embracing My Personal Niche: Although it may seem somewhat odd that specifically Mongoose would be the main one so far to aid in teaching this lesson of ‘finding my niche’ in life, there has nevertheless been something about him that has allowed

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