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“Mongoose: Sentry & Subtlety” (5/1/2021)

“Mongoose: Sentry and Subtlety” (5/1/2021) Outside of my writings regarding figuring out my mongoose theriotype as such, I haven’t really written much about it; for whatever reason, the words just never really came to me to make another writing about being mongoose.  As with my other therio-/’kintypes, I haven’t felt

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“Skin Deep: On Being Animal and Human” (11/24/2008)

“Skin Deep: On Being Animal and Human” (11/24/2008) Although I have written some on this subject before, primarily in my essay “Sanctuary of the Catatonic Soul”, further thought about the topic leaves me feeling that there’s more I could and want to say on it.  It’s a concept so often

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“Designing a Theriotype” (8/1/2009)

“Designing a Theriotype” (8/1/2009) One of the difficult and tricky things to identifying myself as having a non-extant theriotype is trying to figure out what that animal was—what it looked liked, how it behaved, what type of environment(s) it may have lived in, and so forth.  There’s of course some

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“Domestic and Wild: Spectrum of Diversity” (4/4/2008)

“Domestic and Wild: Spectrum of Diversity” (4/4/2008) This is a subject I have thought about numerous times and sought to eventually describe some of it in words and always came up short on that until now.  Me pondering it probably came about initially from me identifying as a domestic cat

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“Fluidity and Fragmentation” (3/21/2008)

“Fluidity and Fragmentation” (3/21/2008) Fluidity: Shifting and Integration Shortly after I became active in the therianthropy community I came to realize the emphasis on subtypes of therians, which still remains currently yet with a little less emphasis than in 2005.  Fortunately, I never really tried to squeeze myself into one

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“Upbringing, Imprintation, and Self-Development” (11/19/2007)

“Upbringing, Imprintation, and Self-Development” (11/19/2007) This essay is more accurately on some of the main effects my upbringing has had on my therianthropy, in which some of that may have included forms of imprinting. Upbringing, though seemingly a rarely discussed topic in regards to affecting therianthropy, it doesn’t tend to,

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Waters of Obscurity: My Therianthropic Self-Concept (August 2007)

Waters of Obscurity: My Therianthropic Self-Concept (August 2007) When it comes to an image or concept of mine in which to represent myself, or for what I “look like” in my mind’s eye, there is no defining answer to that. Although I’m a visual artist and love to do depictions

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“Predator or Prey?” (October 2006)

“Predator or Prey?” (October 2006) **Note: This essay focuses mainly on my cat therianthropy in regards to this topic with only a brief mention of my horse therianthropy. However, this subject in relation to my horse side can be found in “Midnight Sand” under ‘Herds Amongst the Grasslands’ and ‘Emotions and Instincts’. Other

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“Midnight Sand”–Essay on Horse (August 2006)

“Midnight Sand”–Essay on Horse (August 2006) Publicly viewable essays on prey animal therianthropy seem rather rare, from what I’ve discovered, yet it’s a shame to not see such experiences expressed more often, and though feline and canine experience-writings I still find wonderful to read, there’s also a vast amount of

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