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From “para-” meaning beyond or near, & “anthro” meaning human. A gender type involving an experience of one’s gender being near and yet beyond being human–notably humanoid, but not actually human. It can, but does not necessarily overlap with xenogender. It can also exist somewhere between xenogender & non-xenogender (anthrogender). The term “human”

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Blutpir: Vampire Species Concept

“Blutpir: Vampire Species Concept” (May 2023) (About 30-40 minutes to read) –Different species of hominid, thus still “human”, just not Homo sapiens [species Homo sanguinus]; this differentiates between the two species with “H.sapiens” or simply “Sapiens” and ‘vampires’ or ‘blutpir’ Due to their preternatural condition and state, especially their means

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“About Changes & Growth in the Therian & ‘Kin Communities”

“About Changes & Growth in the Therian & ‘Kin Communities” (12/5/2013) So I think that maybe I at some point should eventually make a writing that sort of ‘revisits’ my “Therian Community: Status Quo & Development” essay and update it with some additional related views, thoughts, and experiences I have

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“The Fall of the Therian & Otherkin Communities”

“The Fall of the Therian and Otherkin Communities” (5/5/2021) The idea that just because some or even many people desire within a given community to have a litmus test of sorts to ‘prove’ or officially ‘become’ a *personal* identity (that, of course, can have social identity aspects due to there

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“The Plasticity of Otherkin” (6/7/2021)

“The Plasticity of Otherkin” (6/7/ 2021) To clarify, in this writing I’m using “plasticity” to refer to changes that can occur, particularly psychologically, in the experience and/or identity of being otherkin (and related identities).  This does not mean that such changes are by conscious choice (though maybe they can be

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