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“Alternatives: Pathfinding” (April 20, 2015)

“Alternatives: Pathfinding” (April 20, 2015) Animality, or more accurately, human-animality, is such an essential part of who I am: my very life, self, mind, and soul are painted with it and have been that way ever since at least my early childhood. It’s not just therianthropy or being otherkin. It’s

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“Riding Dragonflies & Butterflies: Taming Muses” (5/18/2011)

“Riding Dragonflies & Butterflies: Taming Muses” (5/18/2011) I suppose that right in line with the intended subject of this essay, some muse-related part of my mind feels the need to give me all these great, fairly coherent thoughts to write about, even a drawing to go with them that I

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“Designing a Theriotype” (8/1/2009)

“Designing a Theriotype” (8/1/2009) One of the difficult and tricky things to identifying myself as having a non-extant theriotype is trying to figure out what that animal was—what it looked liked, how it behaved, what type of environment(s) it may have lived in, and so forth.  There’s of course some

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