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“Possible Vampire Fictionkin” (5/1/2012)

“Possible Vampire Fictionkin” (5/1/2012) I only started to think about this sometime after I began to consider if I might have a vampire ‘kintype and my external searching about that (both in trying to find other vampire’kin and in comparing/contrasting my vampire-aspect to different versions of vampires in myth, folkore,

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“Contemplations on Vampire Otherkin” (1/20/2012)

“Contemplations on Vampire Otherkin” (1/20/2012) Note: Within this writing, I’m not referring to vampires like the energy-deficient, prana-feeding ones of the vampire community. I’m meaning vampires in an otherkin sense, or as someone experiencing part of oneself as identifying strongly *with* vampires in a way that is more similar to

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“Freiheit: Escaping the Shadow’s Feast” (September 2012)

“Freiheit: Escaping the Shadow’s Feast” **WARNING: self-harm mentions Images, instincts, desires, drives, and sensations; not words. Verbosiveness cannot capture the essence of it; The ferality, animality, and chained creature beneath flesh, blood, and bone. Muscles tensing in periodic waves Clenching and flexing digits tipped in claws, As they seek solid

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“Monsters, Vampires, and Personal Animality” (March 2012)

“Monsters, Vampires, and Personal Animality” (March 2012) To set up some initial context of what I mean by “monster” in this writing, I’ll quote the beginning of the Wikipedia article on “Monster” because I feel it sums it up well enough. From Wikipedia “Monster” article:A monster is any fictional creature,

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