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“Freiheit: Escaping the Shadow’s Feast” (September 2012)

“Freiheit: Escaping the Shadow’s Feast” **WARNING: self-harm mentions Images, instincts, desires, drives, and sensations; not words. Verbosiveness cannot capture the essence of it; The ferality, animality, and chained creature beneath flesh, blood, and bone. Muscles tensing in periodic waves Clenching and flexing digits tipped in claws, As they seek solid

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“Hooves Beat as Hearts”

“Hooves Beat as Hearts” The haunting call of the Run echoes perpetually within my ears—instinctual, innate, a lasting yearning that resonates throughout my being, throughout my soul. Held within it is comfort, safety, and survival. It’s solace to the herds I’m spiritually bound to. The herds of a thundering percussion

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“Reverence to Thine Spirits Within”

“Reverence to Thine Spirits Within” Within the obscurity of night’s embrace,Shadows cast across the land tremble and danceIn the spotlight of the Moon’s aura,With the alluring touch of the wind’s swift breezeAs it sweeps through the air, through the trees;As it sweeps across my flesh—their fur, his feathers…our soul.My eyes

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“Serenade of Serenity”

“Serenade of Serenity” Upon the luscious air arose a faint whisper;A delicate voice that danced within the wind.An essence of life lie buried insideThe echoing depths dispersed from the Earth’s lungs;The lungs of an angel—a goddessOf beauty, strength, and serenity. Her gentle whispers of foreign chantsSwam through the air as

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“Endless Quest”

“Endless Quest” The drums pound their majestic rhythmsTo each graceful step she placesUpon grass…upon snow…upon destiny.She bears her every burdenAs she valiantly pushes ever-forwardThrough her lifeTo honor her will and strengthAdorning her soul on her pathwayOf her Endless Quest. For centuries, it seems, she and her kindHave felt so lost

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