Other Essays

~”My Neurodivergences & Atypical Psychology” (November 2021) — describes various types of psychological and neurological conditions I have and how they impact me

~”Celesvogel” (July 2021) — detailed description about my particular kind of angel ‘kintype

~”Being Blutpir” (April 2021) — description of various aspects of being vampirekin

~”Where Gender & Animality Meet” (May 2018 & February 2021) — introspective thoughts on my gender identity in relation to terminology use and how it is mixed with my animality

~”Alternatives: Pathfinding” (April 2015) — seeking a sense of belonging and trying to discover how to achieve it, and how my personal animality permeates throughout who I am

~”Beneath the Surface” (September 2013) — trying to understand a part of myself through concepts of monstrosity

~”Monsters, Vampires, & Personal Animality” (March 2012) — thoughts about me as vampire’kin & my relation to monstrosity

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