Spiritual Essays

~”Riding Dragonflies & Butterflies: Taming Muses” (May 2011) — thoughts on learning to balance and better utilize my artistic muses through symbolic and totem-like animal concepts

~”My Personal View of Deities” (October 2009) — description on various parts of my individual interpretation of what I believe deities are or may be

~”Reflections: Personal Guidance from Mongoose” (December 2008) — explains some of the lessons I have learned or am in the process of learning from Mongoose as a guide, with emphasis on “finding my personal niche” and social matters

~”The Watch-Guardian: Mongoose Energy and Symbolism” (Novemer 2008) — an extensive description on the aspects and symbolism I feel are associated with Mongoose as a totemic guide. It is divided into numerous sections and two parts: Part I & Part II

~”Oryx and the Desert” (May 2008) — detailed explanation of the importance and meaning of Oryx as a guide to me and also what the concept of the Desert spiritually signifies for me

~”Guiding Black Wings: Essay on Crow” (February 2006)– describes my long relationship with and connection to my life totem, Crow, and some pulls that has on my knowledge of my therianthropy

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