Guest Writings

This is the Guest Section, set aside for therianthropy writings by other people. These other writings, and their authors, are interesting and I feel their pieces here are worth more public view and I hope they also add to the array of therianthropic experiences for others to read. All writings in this section are posted here with permission from their authors and any may be taken down if such is expressed to me from their particular author. 

The presence of these writings here does not warrant permission for their use by others, thus if use is desired, you must ask permission from a writing’s author.

She is a horse and feline therian who in ’07 began writing journal entries which document aspects of her therianthropy and experiences regarding it. Her writings are usually raw and unique in their words and composition, but the images, instincts, and feelings expressed in her writings convey well and beautifully the perspective and thoughts of one who is feline, equine, and human.

~”Fear and Boldness” (November 26, 2007) — describes how cat is both bold and fearful depending on the circumstances and also how horse, being scared, is mixed into those times as well

~”A Lurking Predator and a Playful Beauty” (October 2, 2007) — a very raw, detailed and image-heavy entry about both her cat and horse aspects being prominent at the same time

is a wolf/dog therian and kitsuné who occassionally makes writings about his experiences as being such.

~”Wild Dog” (December 10, 2007) — an intriguing essay on how domestic and wild canines manifest in his personal therianthropy—through the form of “wild dog”

is a cougar and duiker therian. Although his therian writings are few, I hope inspiration strikes him to make more in the future.

~”The Dao of Duiker” — an interesting writing on what it is like for him to be a duiker (type of antelope) therian.

is an arctic wolf and bighorn sheep therian who writes sometims about her own therianthropy and makes writings to inform other therians about some information pertaining to therianthropy and its online community.

~”Sheep’s Quest” (November 10, 2007) — a fiction story about a white bighorn sheep written to reflect some aspects of her therianthropy in a different style than she normally writes

is a cobra and feline therian (of a currently unconfirmed feline type) who has brought an interesting perspective to the community of therians online with her descriptions of being a reptile (snake) therian, especially her “Snakes Eyes” essay below. I hope that she will eventually write more about her therianthropy, snake and/or feline, or even her dromeosaurid cameo shifts, in future writings.

~”Snake Eyes: Living as a Cobra Therian” (February 27, 2009) — a descriptive essay on a rarely written about subject–being a reptile (more specifically snake) therian–that traces from her early recognition of being a cobra to how it manifests as a part of herself

a Spanish therian with a deinonychus theriotype. He has also helped out with translating Project Shift into Spanish to broaden the scope of people who can read that information site.

~”On Extinction” (October 5, 2009) — description of being an animal from another time and environment far passed and feeling like the “living remains” of an extinct species

~”Deconstructing the Raptor” (January 9, 2011) — explanation of various ways he experiences being a deinonychus therian