“My Neurodivergences & Atypical Psychology”

“My Neurodivergences and Atypical Psychology”; November 11, 2021 Living with neurodivergences and atypical psychology have had a profound impact on my life, most especially in regards to finding employment that I am capable of doing long-term (even more so when combined with certain physical disabilities I have).  I figured I’d

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“Mongoose: Sentry & Subtlety” (5/1/2021)

“Mongoose: Sentry and Subtlety” (5/1/2021) Outside of my writings regarding figuring out my mongoose theriotype as such, I haven’t really written much about it; for whatever reason, the words just never really came to me to make another writing about being mongoose.  As with my other therio-/’kintypes, I haven’t felt

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“About Changes & Growth in the Therian & ‘Kin Communities”

“About Changes & Growth in the Therian & ‘Kin Communities” (12/5/2013) So I think that maybe I at some point should eventually make a writing that sort of ‘revisits’ my “Therian Community: Status Quo & Development” essay and update it with some additional related views, thoughts, and experiences I have

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“The Fall of the Therian & Otherkin Communities”

“The Fall of the Therian and Otherkin Communities” (5/5/2021) The idea that just because some or even many people desire within a given community to have a litmus test of sorts to ‘prove’ or officially ‘become’ a *personal* identity (that, of course, can have social identity aspects due to there

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“The Plasticity of Otherkin” (6/7/2021)

“The Plasticity of Otherkin” (6/7/ 2021) To clarify, in this writing I’m using “plasticity” to refer to changes that can occur, particularly psychologically, in the experience and/or identity of being otherkin (and related identities).  This does not mean that such changes are by conscious choice (though maybe they can be

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