The journal entries in this section are listed in order of newest to oldest, from top to bottom, in each category. I have kept each entry barely edited (from the time it was written) because I want to show a better portrayal of part of my therianthropic introspective journey. I want to show a variety of thoughts that have gone through my head, and how they are changed, thrown out and proven wrong, or are reassured as I journey further and deeper. Thusly, this section can show a more “raw” perspective regarding my therianthropic introspection, and the journey I am walking of it. Maybe these entries can offer up a more inspiring, even helpful look into personal therianthropy and one’s path of learning about it, for those who are walking their own path of therianthropic self-discovery.

~”Fragments” (June & December 2021) — describes how fragmented parts of my ‘kintypes have changed and how they may have developed

~”Thoughts on My Fourth Theriotype” (June 13, 2009) — ponderings about identifying my avian-like, fourth theriotype and realizing it is very likely a kind of extinct animal

~”Therian Community: Status Quo & Development” (edited March 23, 2008) — includes a partial rant about complaints of the community’s problematic status quo and views of how things have become worse in it, as well as me adding an optimistic look at people developing and contributing to a better community

~Musings on an Unknown Theriotype: Part 3 (December 8, 2007) — another four-month update entry on my progress of identifying my third theriotype; more informative than Part 2 and shows me closer to reaching the answer about it

~Musings on an Unknown Theriotype: Part 2 (August 8, 2007) — this is an update, four months later, to my previous entry in March ’07 on my search to identify my third, mammalian theriotype and my avian aspects

~Musings on an Unknown Theriotype (March 30, 2007) — various thoughts regarding my introspection on my third theriotype (previously believed as canine)

~Reactions to Stress (November 16, 2006) — description of my stress-related experiences as Cat and Horse, and how they differ

~Journal Entry: June 24, 2006 — describes the significance of “who” and “what” I am, and the importance of finding my theriotype species

~Journal Entry: May 11, 2006 — update at the time of my [thought to be] canid-type and horse-type, with other thoughts on Horse and some ways in which I experience it

~Journal Entry: March 23, 2006 — thoughts on Horse, mainly the more ‘negative’ aspects

~Journal Entry: March 13, 2006 — reevaluation of my canid side, and other introspective thoughts

~Journal Entry: February 23, 2006 — thoughts on Horse, including more ‘negative’ ones

~Journal Entry: December 21, 2005 — focuses on my introspection of my cat theriotype’s species

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