~”Vogel” (2021) — poem describing some shared aspects of my angel ‘kintype & theropod theriotype

~”Freiheit: Escaping the Shadow’s Feast” (2012) — poem dealing with thoughts associated with my Shadow & vampire aspects **WARNING: self-harm mentions

~”Feral Fire” (2007) — poem about my feline reaction to a threat; is a contrasting and ‘sister’ poem to “Threshold of Escape

~”Threshold of Escape” (2007) — poem describing my reaction to a threat from my equine perspective; is a contrasting and ‘sister’ poem to “Feral Fire

~”Hooves Beat as Hearts” (2007) — prose-format piece about my longing to run as Horse; focused on imagery, it describes sensations and desires related to Horse, both of holding back from running and of experiencing the Run

~”Reverence to Thine Spirits Within” (2005) — pertains to my theriosides and animal guide (Crow), yet before I identified Horse as being a therioside; it describes aspects of the “catatonic soul” concept, as mentioned in my “Essay on ‘The Sanctuary’

~”Slumber’s Peace” (2004) — a more calming piece written during a short time of a semi-insomniac state when I wanted to describe my appreciation for sleep; I connected my spirit guides and theriosides (believed to be totems at the time) into it

~”Serenade of Serenity” (2004) — describes a concept of a “Nature goddess” healing the world around her; not actually a spiritual or religious piece, but came out sounding as such; one of my favorite pieces, particularly for its imagery

~”Endless Quest” (2004) — describes the journey of a white, female wolf, in an almost moral sense of honoring determination, will, and perseverence; was loosely inspired by the “Wolf’s Rain” series (after I had only watched one episode), and in conjuction with Enigma’s song “Endless Quest”

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