“Endless Quest”

The drums pound their majestic rhythms
To each graceful step she places
Upon grass…upon snow…upon destiny.
She bears her every burden
As she valiantly pushes ever-forward
Through her life
To honor her will and strength
Adorning her soul on her pathway
Of her Endless Quest.

For centuries, it seems, she and her kind
Have felt so lost in this world.
Murder and torture, always by their sides.
Their only salvation, they have thought,
Is their disguise placed upon themselves
To hide from the cruel beings
That rule amongst the vast reaches of this world.
Those that have left this psuedo-salvation
To discover and thrive anew
In distant lands of pure beauty-
–Streams of liquid serenity, like melted glass rushing endlessly on,
And fields of vibrancy beyond any spectrum;
Haven to Elysium.
These brave wanderlust souls
Lie embraced within fate unknown.

No more, though, shall she hold back.
Her destiny lies not here, but in that unknown,
Distant haven that thrives only in minds;
Or so the tales of ages have told.
Nothing will defeat her.
Nothing will destroy her strength and will,
For this is her quest, her choice, her fate.
None can take this from her soul.

Immeasurable time passes since her great journey began.
Through many a battle and challenge she has faced,
And none to stand as a final obstacle in her lighted path.
She lifts her head upon high, parallel to the earth below,
As she stares forward with striking, fiery eyes of embers;
Intent and determination revealed within them
For continuing her journey.
The eyes know none of the body’s pain.
Deep wounds, gaping amongst her darkened fur of the snow’s hue,
A thinning figure, apparent through the projection of bones under her worn flesh,
And paws scratched and worn, nearly to their uselessness,
But each still falls heavily with each step;
Pounding the soil with her incomprehensible burden.
Though still, this is and never will be enough to defeat her.

Along the way, she is granted a mate
Of stunning ash and earth adorning his fur.
Though they rest, it is but only for a short time,
Then they move forward together,
For now her quest is not only her own…but their quest.
She has conceived new life within her,
But what will be the fate of this life
If she continues, or if she digresses?

At a time, her journey came to an end,
As she had wished for so long,
Within the magnificent haven of paradise
That had become the dwelling
To a handful of her kind that journeyed out bravely
So long ago in the legends she had left behind.
Sadly, though, her stay was brief.
She cared greatly for the new life she had been carrying with her,
But when it was time for it to join the world around her
She could not make it through the night.
For though her will was beyond steel,
Her body could not contain her spirit any longer.
Her pups survived, barely, by the love and care
Of the powerful pack she briefly knew in that paradise,
And the love and strength of her beloved mate.

Her body withered away what remains she left
Of her tattered, worn shell of what was once soft, snow-white beauty.
Though her body died her spirit lived on.
Sometimes, it is said, that a ghostly, sheer white figure
Resembling a wild canine, whose name is none to speak,
Can still be found wandering across the land
Through forest, desert, and snow.
Heavily placing each of its paws on invisible tracks once placed,
And keeping its head held high and straight
As if a burden was nothing in its eyes;
Those that immortally stare forward as an eternal reminder of her amazing journey
Of her Endless Quest.

~ Sonne 6/16/04