Musings on an Unknown Theriotype: Part 2; 8/8/2007

(Parts 1 & 3)

I’ve been throwing around concepts in my head of my unknown theriotype, which technically speaking I don’t like thinking about it extensively because I tend to just confuse myself more, thus I’ve been prone to thinking about it little by little and the rest of the time just letting ideas ‘sit’ in my mind for months as I basically feel them out, so to speak.  Most of this year I’ve considered it being a type of mongoose (and giving that there’s little information, photos, audio, and video about most species of mongoose, I was content with just the general animal “mongoose” without being much more specific), but never felt validated about it–some things seemed to match up or align with mongoose, yet numerous things just haven’t felt “right” about it being mongoose; so currently I don’t know if it is that or not.  I’ve considered some type of mustelid (weasel family), but their bodies seem too long, their legs too short, and some other things don’t fit properly, although if it is any type of mustelid I’d guess maybe a pine marten, yet that also seems too arboreal (which is something I’ve come back to time and time again, that my third ‘type doesn’t ‘feel’ like an arboreal animal, at least not prominently arboreal).

Some types of rodents have also entered my mind as a possibility, particularly tree squirrels and ground squirrels, but their mindsets and level of skittishness I think of them having doesn’t align right with my third theriotype, among some other things about them.  There’s also the possibility of genets and civets, but again with genets they tend toward being arboreal (though are comfortable hunting and staying for awhile on the ground), and genets seem too cat-like to me for them to be my third ‘type (which doesn’t feel notably feline-like), and I’m not sure about civets but they make me think of something between a cat, canine, and raccoon, and I know little about their behavior, mannerisms and such, but even still something doesn’t seem to fit well enough with them.  Yet there are still plenty of other types of animals I can and intend to look into, though for now I’m trying to better ‘feel out’ what my third theriotype seems like and trying to form a better (though still vague) mental image of what it could be like, but at this point that image isn’t developed enough for me to get another good lead about this.

Sometimes I wonder if my third ‘type is mammalian, or maybe it’s avian or pre-avian (bipedal dinosaur, or something like one of the first types of birds), or maybe instead that there are two theriotypes I have that I’m unsure of instead of one (which is a thought I’ve bounced through my mind numerous times for two and a half years).  If the answer is that there are four, I think the avian or avian-like one is the least prominent in me and has fewer active ‘remnants’, so to speak, just as my equine and feline aspects aren’t entirely complete (non-physically speaking, of course) but they are close to being ‘whole’ so I can feel and experience them in the most prominent and diverse ways.  I’m just unsure about the avian/avian-like aspects, and yes I have remained indecisive as to ever consider them a therioside, especially with them seeming rather ‘fragmented’ in manifesting and me feeling/experiencing them; which I’ll also add that I view and feel the avian-like part as being primarily ground-dwelling, but either still has wings, or arms with fingers (as some bird-like dinosaurs), or possibly both (similar, but not necessarily like an archaeopteryx).

However, my third theriotype, I have continued to feel reassured that it’s a therioside, but it’s been constantly too obscure for me to narrow down. This is in part due to the fact that there’s varying difficulty in me figuring out which aspects of myself are aligned with my third ‘type instead of feline, horse, human, avian, or something else non-therianthropic, and also a lot because it seems to be an animal I either haven’t considered yet or haven’t looked into enough yet.  Plus I can’t find much help in figuring out what ear-type or tail-type is ‘correct’ because I never feel a tail (with the exception of some uncommon occurrences of body-oriented thought of a feline tail) and I always have pivotal cat ears, so I’ve had trouble figuring out if my third ‘type has pivotal ears, and what shape (whether pivotal or not), or even if it has external ears.  I suppose I could try to type up some of the attributes I’ve noted about my third theriotype, but I’m not much for doing that yet, and still a lot of it remains as knowledge, understanding, and feeling that I haven’t yet figured out how to put into words properly.

This was just some stuff recently on my mind about this subject, but in essence I haven’t made much progress, however I’m overall rather okay with that because I know it will take time to figure this out and then to verify it for myself.  Finding the specific species isn’t important to me, but I would like to eventually figure out the whole avian[-like] thing and to narrow down my third theriotype to something general (like I was doing with considering mongoose, for example).  But personally, I don’t think I’ve considered and researched, introspected, etc. enough on real Earth animals for me to yet consider it being some type of fantasy/fiction animal–so far I feel it’s best for me to keep looking to real, Earth animals and see if I can find the answer in that research.